Bafling sock pattern

Okay I finly turn the heel and it is time to Gusset only it wants me to pick up way more stitches than are there. The why the patterns reads after I Gusset there should I should have Needle 1 - 26 sts, Needle 2 - 31 sts, Needle 3 - 27 sts.

This is just not posable I can only pick up 9 sts on the sine and there is only 19 sts in the heel. The numbers just don’t work in any way shape or form. Now I have one half knit sock. And need to finish it and do the other. To have them done for christmas and I still have my sister eldest neise and sisterinlaw to knit for after these socks for my dad. Any ideas?

Where did you get the pattern? Can you give the name of the book or magazine and the page number? Or if you got it on-line, can you provide the link for it?

You have 19 sts on the heel-- are you supposed to have 19? You’re supposed to pick up how many along the sides of the heel? You say only have 9 on each side. That sounds right, because you usually have about as many rows as sts across in the heel and that would be 18 rows (if you slip the first stitch on each row, which you usually do on a heel, then you’d have half that number on the side, so 9). Sometimes you have to pick up more stitches than there are, and so you have to fudge it a little. Which needle-- 1, 2 or 3-- is supposed to be the heel sts?

:knitting: I got the pattern from Raverly. Some one in one of the sock groups there explained it to me. Just lightly confusig in the way it is writen down.

since you got it from Ravelry, can you post the link to the pattern? It’ll help someone to help you better.

Here is the link but like I sed some one on Ravelry explaned it to me. It is knitting up nice now that I understand it.