Baffled by '4 from 4'

Hello, I’m trying to do a scarf pattern I found on ravelry (Maharani’s Scarf-Michaela Wirtz) and cannot understand the instructions for something called 4 from 4.
How to make “4 from 4”: Slip next 4 sts k-wise, dropping the yo’s. Return those 4 sts to left needle and pull them a little longer to get a large opening to work into. Now make “4 from 4” * out of these 4 sts as follows: k4tog, but leave on left needle, then k1 into these joined four (1 st on right needle now), move yarn to back, then with right needle underneath the joined sts, M1, (2 sts on right needle now), k1, (3 sts on right needle now), move yarn over the joined sts back to front, grasp working yarn with right needle underneath the 4 sts and pull through (4 sts on right needle now). Now drop this whole group from the left needle and work the next group. There is nothing between the groups of four, one group comes right after the previous one. Only the first and last st of the row are different.

Found your site through a ravelry forum and was hoping for some help.

I got as far as moving the stitch to the back but have no idea what she means by the needle going underneath the 4 stitches together…

This is a translation and there a few things that are difficult to understand. When it says to go “underneath the stitch”, I interpret that to mean to go [I]into[/I] the 4 loops again. So you knit into the 4 loops to knit 4 together, M1 and then knit into them again. I did a yo instead of the M1 and it seemed to work better. For the last step, I essentially purled into the 4 sts. (brought the yarn to the front, purled the same 4 sts together).
See if this makes sense. Maybe try it on a small swatch. That’s what I did and it seems to look ok.

Hmm, Thank you, I’ll try that. When you say yo go through the 4 loops again, it’s still treating them as one stitch, right?
Sigh, I’m really missing my grandmother right now. She was an expert knitter and great teacher…

It’s so wonderful to have had a good teacher and expert knitter to learn from. You were lucky.
Yes, treat it as if the 4sts were now one. It’s a little bit like this stitch, the little crown stitch. You have an extra M1 (or yo) in there but see if this video helps.

You can’t see the finished stitch until almost the end of the video (3min:10sec).

OMG, that helped so much! No matter how many times I read it, it didn’t make sense till I saw it done, and what a pretty stitch! I’m just so grateful! :yay: :yay: :woohoo: :woot: :muah:

Oh, great! Good luck with the scarf. I’m sure it will turn out wonderfully.