Bad Shoulder! Bad!

I have to stop knitting tonight because I have bursitis in my right shoulder and it’s acting up tonight. The fact that it’s midnight has nothing to do with it, I’m sure. Neither does the fact that I’ve knitted a baby sock and started on a baby hat while doing the laundry and cooking dinner today.

Bad Shoulder! :frowning:

hug I know how it feels, except my problem is my wrist and fingers sometimes.

Oh, ouch. I have the same problem and it really acted up last week. I took a lot of Motrin and used my heating pad. I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

:frowning: OUCH!! I get that now & again, quite painful! Heating pad…oh yeah :wink:

eww bursitis in the shoulder must be agony. I have it in the heel of my foot so at least I can still do things like knit when it plays up =P

I’m feeling a bit better today. Last night I had DF just fall asleep with his hand on it. The man generates heat, I swear. Thanks for all the well wishes.

aylaanne… i soooo feel your pain i’ve had tendonitis in my rotator cuff… (and who KNEW i even had them… i thought only major league pitchers & athletes did)

there’s something that i can recommend tho… it did help… it’s called arniflora, it’s an arnica gel remedy (it doesnt smell THAT terrific but the smell dissipates pretty quickly)…

it’s also really good for bruises (did i mention i’m a klutz) :wink:

link here


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Thanks! It never even occurred to me to put a cream on it. That’s a measure of how stressed I’ve been recently (all kinds of badness going on with my school). Thanks for the tip!