Bad ordering experience

I hate to give bad press to a company and I will only do it if they have managed to make me as mad as can be. On May14 I ordered from this website
The money cleared my account on May 19. For two weeks I didn’t hear anything from them, so I emailed the account on the web site and simply asked if the order had been processed and/or mailed. Seven days later I got a response that stated they had been away from the computer, but would process and mail the order out on Monday and to pick a free roving to make up for the long delay. I emailed them back and told them what roving I would like. The order should have gone out on Monday. It didn’t. I got the package today with $2 postage due and no free roving to make up for the almost month it took to get here. I would strongly suggest not shopping on this site.

Thanks for the warning. :rollseyes: Doesn’t sound like a good way to keep and get more business.

Thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

Did you contact them again and tell them they have lost a customer and why? I know you never want to deal with them again, but you should follow up with your displeasure.

I agree with older knitter. I might even direct them to this link…point out word of mouth and all.

Ya know, I thought about it and will probably do it in a couple of days when I can compose an email that doesn’t include a bad word! It just kills me that I gave this company every chance to make things right and I get the short end. Live and learn though:)

You’re preaching to the choir!! I’m in the same boat you are, everytime.