Bad news...

The other day I started on the last stripe on the Doctor Who scarf. Then today happened. I fell asleep on the couch last night. I woke up around 3 am and dragged myself to my own bed. When I woke up this morning, my right wrist is in some serious pain. And the pain has gotten worse over the course of the day. It looks like I won’t be knitting for a while.

Oh no!! Take painkillers, finish scarf then take a holiday from knitting? :joy: only joking, rest up and hopefully it will settle down soon x

Take a holiday from knitting, from playing the piano, from doing anything on my computer. A.k.a. I can’t do my homework! Two of my classes are online classes!

Sorry to hear thar. The scarf was coming along so well.
Give it a rest and if it doesn’t improve, you might look to a doctor. Hope it’s better soon.

I had the fun to attending to my autistic nephew today while my sister and her husband worked. Every time I winced at the pain, he would ask if I needed a cast on it. I told him that if it’s not better by Monday, I just might need a cast.

Wear a wrist brace to sleep; it should have a metal plate to keep your wrist from bending and Velcro. I wear one almost every night due to carpal tunnel symptoms.

That’s a good idea (the wrist brace at night). I have done that for a few years and it really helps. You can buy them at most pharmacies…just be sure to get it for the correct hand!

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