Bad News About the Slipper

I only had about 2 rows left of my slipper when I discovered I had dropped some stitches - how I don’t know, I just discovered it had happened. Picking up stitches was not an option, so I had to frog.

At least the pattern doesn’t take too long and I am used to the frogging.


Oh, so close. I’m reconciled to frogging too. The good thing is that it never seems to take as long to re-knit as the initial knit. Good luck with it!

It must be contagious. I am knitting a pair of felted slippers for a friend of mothers (b/c she was showing hers off to her entire garden club) and I ran out of yarn while finishing the sole. I had to frog it to substitute a similar color where it won’t be seen on the outside of the slipper to avoid going and buying new yarn for just a few yards.:hair:

not doing slippers, but did the same thing TWICE when I took a sweater to knitting group.

one little mistake, and i had to frog everything I had worked on for two hours.

two weeks running.

this week I took a different project. I learn from my mistakes. :smiley:

Glad to know I’m in good company. Knitonepurrtwo, I’ve ended up quite often having to frog things after taking them to my son’s Special Olympics Basketball Club, or at the very least tink them - combination of too much chat and spectating.

Have done 11 rows of 31. The decreasing starts at row 13.