Bad Mommy, getting her children addicted

to the WONDERS of textured Knitting
I got the book "The Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches"
I was oogling and DROOLING over this book and Said, ‘I am gonna HAVE to make SO MANY wash clothes’ and my Middle Daughter said "let me se"
the next thing I hear out of her mouth after listing a few of these patterns names is "Oooh mom, I GOTTA make this one too, can I make some wash clothes too?"

Quick!! Hide your stash!!! :rofling:

Such a horrible mother! Knitting addiction is worse than crack addiction!! [size=1]Although I don’t know anyone interested in a knitting rehab anyway![/size]

DS is 17 months old, and he’s already tried to knit by wrapping yarn around a needle and moving it around. Never been so proud in my life!

And your needles, and your notions, and your bag, and your patterns…

Soon there will be another cabinet level gov agency for control of people like us. I tried to get my 4 yo granddaughter to start knitting.

:smiley: [size=6]ENABLERS!!![/size] :thumbsup: WTG :cheering: :happydance:

I taught my Marine MP son in law how to knit… He is now teaching his 20 yr old sister… I was knitting in front of 16 month old granddaughter… she wanted to help… so I put her on my lap & “we” knitted…* sniff… I am an enabler…* sits slowly… *giggles :XX: [color=blue][/color]