Bad LYS experience~ update PLEASE~

I can’t find the thread … I don’t know if it got bumped to the back or pulled off the boards…:shrug:
but do we have an update? I am very interested in this story b/c I think in a way it affects all knitters-yarn lovers. B/c by tolerating rude, unprofessional behavior… we all are being punished~

Just wonderin’

Here it is:


thanks… will give it a looksee~!:thumbsup:

The best I can give you in the way of an update is that my account has been credited for the overcharge. I went by my bank on Wed to make sure that everything was progressing account-wise, and it was. I did give the full story to the customer service guy (didn’t talk to the bank VP, btw–he was with someone). When I got to the part about charging the card w/o my knowledge, I got the raised eyebrow. When I told him about her calling the bank & not knowing if she’d called my bank or hers, he said she might have called the one who handles her credit card transactions (this makes sense to me–they’re the ones who would put the initial charges through).

I’ve still not received copies of all the receipts, as was promised. If they’d been mailed on Monday, they would have been here by Tues, Wed. at the latest. If they don’t arrive in tomorrow’s mail, I’m calling and asking for them again–and will add that if they haven’t arrived by Tuesday’s mail, I’m calling the BBB and filing a complaint. Yes, the financial aspect of this issue has been resolved, but she did say she’d mail me the copies of all the receipts. Those should have gone out in Monday’s mail.


keep us posted

I have a friend going thru an interesting issue. Company took money out of her account a month after she had changed - in writing - the way she wanted to pay for orders. In taking the money they overcharged her account and she got a fee for that. The company has replaced the money taken but are refusing to pay the overcharge fee. She is going to pursue this as why should she pay for their error, and an error they have admitted to legally (as they should) by repaying the money back. It’s annoying though that you have to go to so much time and effort to resolve these things when companies should just be reasonable and accept responsibility for their errors.

Yep~ Good business practices are the best way to go… IMO it kinda goes back to the Golden Rule~ TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF~
I guess thats just a little too OUT THERE for some folks~!:shrug: