Bad Dog!

I cannot believe this dog! I had just finished taking pictures of this and put it down. I went upstairs and got a pretty box and wrapping paper and… THIS is what I found when I got back!

Ack! Bad dog! Very bad dog!!!


well what did he do? if he didn’t eat it up you are good to go!!!

Look at that content face. Is he an english setter???

My Cooper dog can’t wait for me to work on our homespun afghan - he has told me already that he is planning on cozying up to it. He already loves quilts - I think its because they “smell” like us.

My CHIs love two things: anything I am knitting, and whatever just came out of the dryer!

He is a she… sort of! No chewing and, as Kelly pointed out, I shall count my blessings there! Shedding is my problem. :wall: The bane of my existence actually! And yes, she is an English Setter who does not care to go hunting, thank you very much! Too cold, too wet, too noisy and too much work!

I used a bunch of leftover Homespun in various colors and made the “left-over throw”. She has claimed this as her own and will actually moan if you try to take it away from her. Jeez, isn’t that enough! Why’d she have to take the sweater too?

OK, she’s not a bad dog. She’s just a creature of comfort and appreciates my knitting. Sorry I called her bad.


I’d find it really hard to be mad at her! Look at her! She’s a sweetheart!

phshaw! that’s nothing - the other day i came out and my dog had my half knitted clapotis IN HER MOUTH

she only escaped death b/c none of the stitches had come off the needle

but it was close one

Oh, she is too much! :heart:
Come on, give Bad Doggy the blankie to keep for herself! She clearly loves it. LOL.

I once made my hubby an afghan to his own specifications: Red and big. And it is. Anyway, when we lived in the northeast and had the wood stove going, he would always lie on the floor with Big Red in front of the stove. The day we got our cat in September of 1998, she was freakishly scared of everyone and of course went and hid the instant we brought her home, until she saw Big Red. That was the only thing that made her come out of hiding. I will never forget the sight of her tiny little kitten paw gingerly stepping on Big Red for the first time and the look on her face when she crawled all the way onto that huge afghan and lay down. Pure bliss.
I swear our animals appreciate our handmade stuff more than some of our relatives do!

Ahem, don’t you know dogs are colorblind? Therefore that IS his beloved blankie!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

What a face. I want to give him a big smooch!

I would take it as a compliment. The dog has very good taste! :smiley:

I must confess that when knitting an afghan that is not light my Sally does like to lie on it as I knit, well…she likes to lie on any one that I am knitting, but I really shooo her away when knitting off white ones!!

:inlove: aww one look at that face and all angry goes away LOL… She is really pretty… My dad took in an older ES when I was about 10 she had been hunted and gave away cause she couldn’t anymore… she was soo sweet!!

With a black dog, black kitty and teenagers, I don’t do white. Period. Clothes, furniture, anything. White t-shirts and turtlenecks only.

That puppy is in Doggie Nirvana! Hard to be angry when they look so happy isn’t it?

Mom to 3 Bad cats and one Big, Bad Son

That doggie so NEEDS that blanket!

I always think it’s hysterical when animals forget their instincts. I had a cat once who was afraid of mice. And our dog is afraid of the cat. Of course, it kinda makes sense, since the cat is a Maine Coon (and about 15 lbs) and the dog is a dachshund and weighs maybe 7 lbs. I guess the utter lack of working brain cells helps keep her head light! (She is truly one of God’s dumbest creatures.)

Still, she’s assured a very long life, because she was Elizabeths’ dog, and how could we EVER give her up? Elizabeth adored her. Me, I am not a fan of small dogs., although Precious (groan Yes, that’s her name …) is starting to grow on me. We had a Saint Bernard before. And Maine Coons tend to be quite large. But a dachschund it is. We may get her a companion dog. We’re considering a basset hound. Anyone have any experience with these dogs?


I wish I could be that blissed out :rollseyes:

Cooper and I think that poor dog looks very sad and abused and needs to come live with Auntie Suzie and cousin Cooper! Cooper promises to teach him all of his bad countersurfing techniques, and they can cuddle up on quilts and afghans to their hearts content!

Awwww, the little sweetie looks so cozy! How can you be annoyed with that face! :wink: