Bad Day? Cute cat pic

I had a super bad Monday…For some reason Itchy has figured this out and has been doing super cute things all night to make me laugh…
He is the only cat I have ever known that likes to be in the covers…
I have no idea how he did this, but he has wrapped himself in the blanket with just his head and paws sticking out! How can you be grouchy looking at this?

Aww that’s so cute! Our cat likes to be under covers, too. She gets under the covers with me at night sometimes and her favorite place is in the recliner covered up. You have to be careful not to sit on her!

Hope your day is better tomorrow!:hug:

Cats have a sense for how their humans are feeling. I know when I’m sick, my kitty snuggles me and “grooms” my eyebrows. :heart:

aww how cute! When I’m feeling sick or blahh Gideon curls up closer to me and likes to bump my head with his :teehee:

Awwwww - so sweet! Don’t ya just love kitties :hug:

How cute! Yeah, animal companions just seem to know when their human companions aren’t well, or, need some attention…When I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter I fell down about 5 steps and landed right on my butt…I was ok (and so was my daughter) but I hit my tailbone really hard and couldn’t get up for a while. Luckily I had my cordless phone in my hand and called my mom…My kitty, Evil, sat right by my side meowing at me and licking me until my mom got there.

I love the looks of ‘Sylvester’ kitties,and yours is just adorable.

We used to have a cat that would crawl under the covers and curl up next to my husbands, um, lap. God forbid that he roll over the wrong way, it happened once and the cat went flying.

My kitty usually sleeps around my feet, but the night my 2nd mom died, she was sleeping right up by my shoulder. This is my fur baby keeping warm and being cute all at the same time:

That’s really cute. Isn’t it incredible that our animals know how we are feeling.
My first dog (75lb golden lab) used to nose under the covers and turn around so that her head was on the pillow. My parents GSD now that he is getting older has his own quilt he sleeps under on top of the bed.

Cute pictures. Cats are SO sensitive!