Bad Bad Yarn Day!

I am really NOT impressed with the way Herrschners sent my items and I am REALLY not impressed with my mail lady. Every place I’ve ever ordered yarn from, has sent it wrapped in plastic. Whether it’s a plastic bag or the original that the yarn comes in. Herrschners stuffed all 5 balls of yarn, including my two wonderful Noro Kureyons, into a large paper envelope and sent it on.

Then, my VERY incompetant mail lady decided to stuff the entire thing inside my mailbox, which it was too big for, which resulted in the bag tearing. I’ve been home all day and she knows this because she has delivered to me before, many times. I’m assuming that she didn’t want to get wet since it was raining, but common sense would have told her to pull under our carport and knock on the side door. In any case, since we all know the mailbox is a bastion of being water proof :rollseyes: the rain soaked the bag, thus soaking my yarn and I am furious. :mad: :wall: :mad: :mad:

I currently have it all layed out, hoping it will air dry. We’ll see. :frowning:

That’s awful! Did you call the PO? Maybe you should in case it doesn’t dry well.

Yes, I filed a complaint and they gave me a reference number to call back on in case it doesn’t dry. :pray:

At this point, I’m just more ticked off that people fail to use common sense. It bugs me to no end when people do stupid things, including myself. Which is why I always try very hard to have forethought when I do things. grrrrrr

i would certainly consider calling BOTH the PO and Hershners! I don’t suppose they insure their packages either do they?

I don’t know i think they certainly have responsibility in making sure your yarn arrives dry which includes wrapping it in plastic. I would guess though that even if they had it still would have gotten wet because her shoving it into the box probably would have ripped the plastic.

yeah i would be raising heck with both of them!

I’m pretty sure the yarn will be fine, so long as the colors don’t bleed. In which case, it’s a yarn issue as it’s going to get wet sometime in it’s life.

Aside from that, I think this is Herrschners’ fault. At the very least, they should package in a tear proof envelope. Yarn doesn’t necessarily need to be in a box, but the package should be able to withstand tears, especially if they choose to ship via USPS.

I’d be calling Herrschners and complain about their packaging and ask for a replacement. You didn’t buy wet yarn, and THEY didn’t package securely.

I agree. They should have taken more care with their packaging. Write a strongly worded letter AND call them, and make sure to mention that you told your friends, who also knit and order yarn from the internet, about itm, and that they will think twice about ordering from a company that doesn’t take time to package their products properly. If their yarn is cheaper because the packaging sucks, I personally would not choose to “save” money that way.

I managed to get it all dried but I did send an unhappy email to Herrschner’s customer service. I will follow up with a hard copy if they fail to respond. :rollseyes:

yup i think hilde has a great point there…mentioning how many people are on this forum alone who have the opportunity to read your post, and all the people they will tell on other forums, etc…

i have been very well known to invoke the “Send All” feature of my e-mail list at work…when complaining about bad service. Would i do it? no probably not cuz sending out 20k e-mails over the LAN is generally not a great idea :rofling: but do they know i won’t? :thinking:

It is too bad that you have to threaten to spread the word on poor service. Stores should care about EACH sale and attempt to correct the problem that caused you to contact them.

OK----so in my fantasy world chocolate will have no calories, everyday will be a good hair day, cute shoes will be comfortable and customer service will actually provide service for customers.

Is this asking too much----I guess so!

:?eyebrow: :rollseyes: :rollseyes:

That STINKS! I think you should just sic Hildie on their butts!

HILDIE… would you kick their butts for me? :frowning: :twisted:

:roflhard: :roflhard: and men wouldn’t have to be at least 35 before they become some semblance of “normal”.


:roflhard: :roflhard: and men wouldn’t have to be at least 35 before they become some semblance of “normal”.[/quote]

a friend of mine told me that men don’t get out of puberty until at least 35…conveniently he was 39…lol

I wholeheartedly agree with him.

HHHHMMMMM…by 35 many men have fathered one or two children. This some how causes them to return to their childhood and child-like ways.
In spite of that, I’ll keep the one I’ve got!! (He is well beyond the awkward age!)

lol…well i think it is what makes them such good playmates with the children…they relate so well! :wink:

Yes, but the children grow up. The men on the other hand… :?? :?? :??

Gotta love them anyway :heart: :heart: :heart:

I didn’t know that the words “men” and “normal” could appear in the
same sentence… :??