Backwards sock

I have just entered the wonderful world of sock knitting.:cheering:
To practice I knit up a pair of the North Country toddler socks from the patterns section of this site. They turned out great but as I knit them to my surprise the WS was on the outside and the RS was on the inside. Hmm.
Now I am following a Lacy Mock Cable Sock pattern, and all down the cuff same thing, RS was inside the sock tube and WS was outside. Now heres the real problem, I have completed and turned the heel, following the pattern, and now the RS of the heel knitting is on the WS! Does this make sense to anyone out there? Am I doing something dreadfully wrong here? Now I would like to have the rest of the instep the right way around. Does this mean I have to reverse the stitches as they are written in the pattern for the rest of the instep (p the k stitches, p2tog instead of k2tog ect), but continue the lacy Mock Cable pattern I used down the cuff (with RS facing in).
Thanks for your help!
Crossed Fingers

I know! I know!

I’m not sure how to fix it that far along, but (from personal experience!) I am guessing you’re knitting on the far side of your needles.

Someone here told me to picture your knitting like a cup, and you should be knitting on the side you’d drink from, closest to you. When you put the unused needles close to you and knit from the opposite side, the work is actually being knitted inside out!

Without looking at your sock (I’m still not that far along yet), I can’t say for sure. Where I was when I learned this little tidbit, I was able to flip the sock rightside out, and continue knitting on the proper side, and it worked just fine.

You can try that and see how it works…it might be just fine.

If not, ask again and someone more experienced will jump in and help.

When you made the cuff, you were knitting on the inside of the tube, rather than on the outside, which would be how you get the right side on the outside.

When you knit in the round, the working needles should be toward you in order to have the knitting on the outside, with the others away from you. Think of the dpns as a glass and you have to sip on the side closest to you.

At this point in your pattern, though, you can either take out the heel and flip the cuff through the needles, or you can continue as you said, reversing the stitches both in orientation and order.

OR, come to think of it, you could switch back to how you were knitting and just reverse the sole stitches and continue the more complicated section as you were.

I think I’ll give it a try. I don’t mind the heel backwards but not the whole sole area. It will be a learning experience!
Thanks for the advice, I’ll post some pics when I’m finished.