Backward loop at the >beginning< of the row


I am working on a Karabella pattern - if it helps, here’s the pattern:

at the beginning of the row it wants you to “backward cast-on” addtional loops then you continue on the rest of the row. I get backward cast-on. I dont get this - if i cast on the left needle (right handed) then the yarn is on the wrong end. If i cast on on the right needle it is incredibly clumsy and i end up with this crazy extra yarn in between the two needles.

Has anyone done this and do you have any suggestions on how to handle it? Thanks!!

Would it work if you just hold your right needle in your left hand and cast on and then switch back? Or am I picturing this all wrong?

oh - excellent suggestion! will try that.

If by extra yarn you mean there’s a lot of yarn between the needles - that’s normal. It disappears as you knit along. I don’t know if it’s because my BL CO is tight or what, but I don’t notice that it ends up terribly different from my long tail CO.

yep aidan, you are correct - I finally figured it out. You need the extra yarn to loop back. It is just clumsy at first. Knitting Lace is new to me. :rollseyes:

Thank you both!