Backpack for my SIL

I thought I’d finally take a picture of the backpack I made for my SIL before I send it off for her birthday present. The pattern is in "Instant Expert Knitting’ book by Ros Bager. My husband bought for me for Christmas. My SIL saw the bag in there and raved how much she loved it. So I knitted it for her! It was very fun to do.

Hey, thats really neat!

That’s nice! What kind of yarn did you use?

Very nice :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. Is the top open or does it have some sort of flap?

A Worsted cotton/wool blend by TLC (from Zellers). Dark Grey with a bit of a white tweed and White. The pattern calls for #7s but I used #6s for the right gauge. The pattern is a chevron in the white part.

So sweet of you! What a great SIL you are! Wonderful bag, too! I’d like to do something like that for my granddaughters!
Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

The straps accually go though the top and it pulls open and closed.

:thumbsup: It looks great!

Very cool!

Very cool…great job! :muah:

Darcia, what a thoughtty SIL you are, it’s beautiful!

Kewl! It looks great!

Great job! She’ll love it!!

Great bag!