Backing/mounting question

Good evening,

I am nearing the end of a blanket that I am making for my little boy, and would like to back/mount it on to a fleece blanket to give it a bit more robustness - there are a lot of carries and weave ins on the back that could do with some protection! How does one go about stitching the knitted piece to the fleece without it getting lumpy or pulling away?

Any ideas gratefully received!


Oh - pattern is if that’s any help!

If u have a sewing machine you could use a wide zig-zag stitch to sew the edge of the Fleece around the whole blanket.


Oh that is adorable!

I’ve never lined a blanket, but I can see why you need to in some cases. My first thought was to take some fabric, pre-shrink it and then hem the edges and sew the edges down. Most likely an overhand stitch. Then you may need to tack it down here and there through the blanket. Maybe tack it down along the roads so it kind of blends in on the front? Here’s a few links. The first one is with the same blanket. I’m not sure how she did it, but you could message her on Ravelry and she may have some help.
These people also used a backing.

Had more you add, but lost connection. Will post later.

I don’t have access to a sewing machine unfortunately… Will be stitching by hand!

Thanks Jan - I have sent a couple of them a message, so hopefully will get some useful answers!

I’ve used the method Jan explained for blankets including this one:

Definitely pre-wash the lining. I’ve used either a cotton to line or in the above case, a fine-wale corduroy. I didn’t want to add too much weight or thickness to the blanket. I hand sewed the lining in place and tacked down in 5 places as you might with a quilt.

I love the blanket you’re making and am looking forward to seeing your version. I’ve got it in my favorites on Ravelry.