Backing Blanket Qs

I am currently working on the Feather and Fan stitch Baby Blanket for a pregnant co-worker. I love how it is coming out- the pattern is gorgeous, but the backside looks…well not so great. I want to back it with something, like a plush thick fabric, but with the lacy pattern, not sure how it will turn out.

Any suggestions on what I should back with?

Also, what is the technique for backing this? I assume the best way is to pin the finished blanket to the fabric and cut out to match the wavy shape made by the pattern. Is this correct? I also want to faux crochet a border around as an edging (Thank you Lily Chin for demoing knitting that looks like crocheting on KG!!!). Should I “crochet” the edging before I cut and attch the backing? On another epi of KG, a suede pillow was demoed where the knitted piece was attched to the pillow by hole punching the suede and crocheting the 2 together. Can/Should I do that here?

Any ideas/advice is much appreciated as always!!!

If it were me, I wouldn’t put a backing on it. Once it’s finished, the back probably won’t look as bad as it looks to you now.