Back with larger gauge swatch

I have been busy working on swatches since my last visit. Please stay with me.

Pattern calls for gauge to be:
22 sts and 28 rows = 4 " in Stockinette Sts…size 6 needles.
This is for the medium pattern with the chest size (finished) 40"
I need it to be larger. My chest size is 42 1/2.

Pattern can be found by googling Classic Elite Yarns. next scroll down to the book section and click on the picture of ‘Classic Elite 100 Gorgeous Designs for Every Occasion’. The sweater is the first one at the top of the page…Picot V-Neck Pullover.

I used Encore Worsted weight and washed the swatches …they washed beautifully.

First I did a gauge swatch using size 6 needles. it measured 4" and has 5 1/2 sts to an inch.

I then did another gauge swatch using size 8 needles this one measures 4 1/2 inches wide with 5 sts to an inch. I am thinking this may work even though it will measure (when finished) 45" around. If you looked at the pattern it is very loose. I also like the drape of this gauge…not stiff. I am open to all suggestions.

If my math is correct I could use # 7 needles and probably get 42 1/2 chest size but this pattern looks loose at the chest to me. Please let me know what you think!!!

I also looked on the internet and found some articles on gauge…they were very informative.

I am very motivated about knitting and eager to learn!!! :knitting:

Thank you all for your continued help!!!

I found the pattern at Google books. There are 220 sts for the front and back of the size 40. That’s what you need to compare it to - divide the 5 and 5½ sts/inch into them and you get 44" with the 8s and 40 with the 6s, so if you’re inbetween on the 7s, that may be right. However, the 40" size will probably fit just fine; I make all my sweaters and tops about 2-3" smaller than my bust measurement and they come out fitting very well. If you measure a similar sweater you like the fit of, you might find that it’s actually somewhat smaller than your bust.

Suzeeq…Thank you so much for getting back to me on this…I know it has been a long thread.

I now think I have a somewhat better idea about pattern size.

Thanks for taking your time to look up the pattern I appreciate that!

I did measure a couple of sweaters some time ago and mine all seem to be larger than bust size…for the most part I like loose fitting cloths…for me more room to move in and to be quite honest the sands of time have shifted!

Now it is time to get to work and knit this sweater!