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I have a tie pattern but there are problems. I am sounding out people and asking for advice. The pattern calls for a 3ply yarn. My son picked out Lion Brand Micro Spun sport yarn. He likes the feel of the yarn and the color. It is an English pattern, calling for 2mm (size 0) needles with a gauge of 9 1/2 sts to the inch. I tried a size 2 needle swatch and got 7 1/2. I then tried a size 1 needle and got 8 sts to the inch. I don’t think a zero needle is going to get me the gauge either. The tie at its widest 3 1/3 inches and 46 inches ( adjustable).
Can I still do the pattern and add on stitches to get the width? Will he still be able to knot the tie? He really likes this yarn. What would you suggest?:woohoo:

If you go any smaller the fabric will be bulletproof.
Go for the larger needles and the 7-1/2 stitches.
Just use fewer stitches to get the correct width.

Thank you for your advice. I didn’t like the size one swatch as much as the size two. It isn’t just the needle size but how does it look. :woot: