Back to the dog hair

vip fibers is spinning Loki right now! Shouldn’t be too long before I have it in my hands and can comment on smell, etc.

I’m going to try spinning a little of it myself soon now that I have more expereince. The fibers are short though compared to what I’m use to so I’m sure it will be entertaining.

I also found something about the smell/allergy issue for those who brought up that question before. Not sure what you could do about it if you processed at home yourself.

From the VIP website:

are caused by the oils, dander and enzymes in a pet’s skin, not the actual hair itself. Washing the fiber, yarn or finished product may remove some of the culprits, but not all. VIP Fibers is the only spinnery that has developed a patented process for permanently removing all of these factors from your keepsake yarn. Though each natural fiber has it’s own scent, your keepsake yarn will not “smell like wet dog” and your keepsake will not affect people with allergies.”

That is very cool Kemp! Can’t wait to see the pix of your one of a kind Loki yarn! :slight_smile:

Me too! I know they’ve finished spinning now so where is the darn package??? :tap:

so if you can do it with dog hair then you could spin cat hair … With 4 cats my dads house is a veritable goldmine for spinners! :roflhard:

Im interested in how the Loki yarn will turn out, if it’s half as gorgeous as the original Loki you’l be in for a treat!

Well…I just got it! Very nice and not smelly :slight_smile: Anyone interested in the details, click here.

That’s so awesome! I was reading about it on your blog, I now I wish my dogs had fur. But they don’t. Only hair and they don’t shed. :pout:

Wow Kemp that Loki yarn is awesome!

I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it. I’ve been saveing my mutts fur for a while as well. She is a pretty red colored Chow/Golden mix. I hope it comes out as nice as yours.

I’m sure it will…is that her in your avatar? That would make gorgeous yarn!

Wow! That came out SO pretty!

Yup thats her. Silly me I forgot that was there…lol

Thanks! I’m hoping it turns out well. I’m going to process it myself though, so I have to purchase a few accessaries first.

Oh, Kempy, that yarn is precious!!! I so want to send off all the cat hair we accumulate daily. I saw an ad in the new IK for a place to send pet hair, including cats. Surely with 6 of them I could end up with a LOT of yarn! :teehee:

Have you knit with it yet?

No, I haven’t knit with it yet. I’m thinking a shawl though…

Aww, a great big puppy hug every time you wear it! That’s perfect!

That looks awesome! Makes me wish my long-haired German Shepherd was still alive. LOL!

He was a bit of a psycho, only DH and I knew how to handle him…The autograph is from General H Norman Schwarzkopf (his namesake).

Man, could I have make a LOT of yarn out of him!!!:rofl:

Sorry to hear about your dog. He was gorgeous!

Sorry to resurrect this thread after so long… I am saving undercoat from my Husky/ Chow mix (mostly gray and some white) and that’s why I learned to knit.

I was wondering if you have used any of the Loki yarn yet! If so I’d love to hear how it is to work with and see what you’re working on!