Back to the Boyes for me

I was so excited to get my Option needles I could hardly stand it. Finally got a chance to test-drive those babies and WAAAAA. After six nerve wracking rows of ribbing I had to change back to my Boyes. Those options should come with a warning - For Expert Use Only. They’re POWERFUL. I had stitches popping and jumping and flying every which way. I’m not a great knitter by any means but I do have 7 sweaters and a handful of tank tops under my belt so I thought I’d do well with them. I felt like I was trying to drive a Ferrari when I only had a learners permit. I tucked them away until I get more experienced. I should have maybe seen this coming as I prefer bamboo and acrylic straight needles because they grab the yarn a little and it’s easier for me to control the stitches. I guess I’m not ready to play with the big kids yet. LOL

Aww, sorry to hear that you don’t like your Options. However, I don’t think it’s particular to any experience level or the quality of the knitter - it’s just maybe they’re suited to a bit of a different style. I am a fairly new knitter and LOVE the Options as I knit fairly tightly. I love how I can knit quickly and smoothly with really sharp, really smooth needles. I get so frustrated with bamboo because I knit tightly and feel like I sometimes have to tug them just to get them over the needle! So while I may not be as experienced as many knitters, the Options are definitely, definitely for me. I know people who are MUCH better knitters than I am, and they can’t stand to use slippery metal needles, and pretty much only use bamboo or wooden needles because of their looser knitting style.
Sorry to hear that you don’t love your Options, but don’t feel like you’re any less of an amazing knitter :muah:

I think you’re exactly right, Rachel. Also the yarn you’re using might make a difference too.

Rachel is totally right, liking the Options or not has nothing to do with your level of experience, more with how you knit. I don’t have the Options but I have a couple of their standard circular needles and I love them, because I knit tightly. And I’ve never made a sweater in my life. :teehee: Just a tank top, a few scarves/wraps, wrist warmers, socks and other little things like that. You are far more experienced than I am!

Kemp has a good point, maybe some yarns will work better. Do a few more tests and you’ll see. :hug:

I’ve never used the Options but I have the Boye Needlemaster and I love love love them. Boye all the way for me. I knit very loosely, but the slick feel and the weight of the metal needles just suits me.

You all are right - I AM a loose knitter (is that anything like being a low talker?) and now that I think about it, there was an adjustment period with my Boyes. I guess because my stitches are loose is why I don’t have a problem with the Boye joins that others talk about. I vaguely remember thinking how slippery they were but apparently I adjusted because I really enjoy using the Boyes now. The Options points seem a little sharper in the smaller sizes so maybe when I start to do some lace projects, I’ll try them again.

I’ve had my options for a few days now, and I’ve discovered a few things about the way I knit. I used to knit really tight, but it got really bad because, using other needles, I couldn’t get the damn yarn off the sticks. So I learned to knit looser. Now I’m using incredibly slick needles, I’ve had to go slightly back the other way and am now knitting in a comfortable in between stage - loose enough for nice drape, tight enough so the stitches don’t go everywhere! My knitting looks neater for it now, but it did take some practice to find my groove :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting thread! I love the way Options needles bite into the stitch without splitting the yarn. I can go a lot faster knitting socks when I use KP’s dpns too. However, :cry: my hands hurt when I knit with Options. I think it is because I have fibromyalgia, and the metal needles don’t give the way bamboo does.

I am getting better using Dr. St. Amand’s protocol, so I hope that someday I can go back to my Options!

why not try casting on a simple project and just practice. maybe a seed stitch scarf? do it in a yarn that you can frog if you don’t like the end project. i’ll bet by the end, you’ll be in love.