Back to gauge problems

Hello again,

I’m working on the Noro pattern for the “Mesh Banded Pullover”, a self striping sweater.

I swatched at size 7 needles and had too many stitches, I swatched at size 9 and had too many stitches, and now I’m at 10.75 needle size. I have made the row gauge, but now my vertical gauge is bigger than 4”. Since this pattern has yos and dropped yos, I’m wondering if there is too much yarn in the dropped yos making the knitting longer?

Am I back to swatching again at size 10 for something in between the results? I’m beginning to wonder if my skills just don’t match up to this pattern.

Photos of pattern and progress…

Thanks for your thoughts - much appreciated!

This might sound silly but have you tried swatching with a smaller needle US#6 or 5 for example, your work is beautiful but it does look a little loose.

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Thank you. I don’t think a smaller needle would get me to the 15 stitch gauge called for. Size 7 was the suggested needle size for the pattern.

Does anyone else have a thought about my gauge issues? I’m ready to give up on this sweater and make something else! :frowning:

Does the pattern have a lot of plain (no shaping) rows? Do you have an idea of how long each unshaped section is meant to be? If you do, I’d go for a needle/yarn combination that gave me the stitch gauge. You might be able to alter the row numbers as you work? Aside from using another yarn (totally understand if you’d want to stick with what you’re using, though), this is the best solution I can think of, but I do accept it isn’t perfect.

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I agree. It usually by chance that I get stitch and row gauge. Since measurements are often given in inches, you can knit to measurement rather than row number.

Have you tried knitting a swatch in stockinette stitch? It may be easier to measure gauge with st st.

Thank you so much for the input and advice. I will forge ahead! :wink:

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