Back slit for 3/4 coat?

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lol i shouldve disclosed earlier haha. Hopeful you can still help :slight_smile:

Haha…it’s an easy mistake in here because few people use their real names. Bubbrubb doesn’t really clear up the gender issue. While gender isn’t important with most things it might be important with fit of garments. :wink:

One of my posts I tried to help with an even split.

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ok great I’ll go back track, thanks Jan (I guess you can call me Bubb? but my real first name is Dawson :slight_smile: )

you made me add a profile pic, me in grade 2, that will clear it up maybe a little bit…

Awww! That’s cute! Mine is a picture of my cat, Bella. I’m human though. :joy: Okay, Dawson. I’ll probably forget and call you Bubb though. My dogs name is Mollie, but I call her Bubbs or Bubby. haha

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I am not sure what I am doing typing on this forum so please excuse if I am making a mess…

I bought a knitted coat, it did bag at the back and my partner said I looked like a bear in it so I have pulled it back and I’m knitting 2 jumpers with the wool. Personally I think you have to be v slim and think the coat should be lined. Yes perhaps a back vent or you could do splits up each side. I would go into a shop and look at knitted coats.

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how does one do the splits up the side? just don’t seam the bottom portion you want to be open?

Uhh… if it’s seamed you don’t seem the part you want open. If it’s seamless you stop and do sections rather than all the way around. Hard to explain.

ya im thinking bottom-up which there would be a seam. I’d start sewing from however many inches up and just leave the bottom up. Top-down would be seamless and then sections…