Back opening in sweater

I am new today and my name is Carol and need some help, I have knitted all my life and cannot believe I have not done this before, so any help wld be appreciated. I am knitting a sweater for a disabled child and need to put in a : button opening in the back, how do I go about this?

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Do you have a pattern you are working from? Please post pattern name and a link if possible. (Don’t post pattern here.)

Pattern is Sirdar 4494, am knitting in size 1-2 and 2-3 years

Is this it?

It looks like you knit the back as one piece correct? I would thinking you could knit up to a certain point then knit the two sides separately to give you gap. Maybe could knit a placket on one side to add buttons to? I’ll tag someone who may be of more help.


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Welcome, Carol!
I agree. Figure out where you would like the opening to be in the back then knit a right and a left half after that point. That’ll leave a slit at the back. You could pick up sts for a buttonhole band on one side which would overlap the other side. I suppose that if it’s not a very long slit you cold leave it as is and just put a button at the top edge.
another way is to make space for a placket in the back. You would bind off stitches and leave the opening, again knitting a right and left half. Once you finish, pick up sts on each side of the opening for a button and buttonhole band.
These sweaters have openings in front but the idea is the same.’s%20sweater%20henley%20free&page=1&sort=best

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