Back on knitting

I left knitting from about 4 months ago, mainly due to classes (highschool gives you no time at all). Right now I’m finishing midterm exams and have decided to knit again.

About a week ago, I heard from someone why people love painting, or playing an instrument, or doing a craft. He said that this was because humans like being in control of what they’re doing. Sadly, we can never be in control of our lives completely. But the contrary occurs with activities such as knitting: [U]we[/U] decide what occurs with our knitting; it doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) decide for us. Isn’t this just awesome?

So hello everybody, and thanks for answering all my annoying questions :slight_smile:

You’re right, hand crafts are something that we can control and shape and form however we like. I’m not very creative artistically, but I can take basic patterns and modify them into a look I want or a stitch pattern I’d like to use. That’s pretty much my only creative outlet.

crafts give me one outlet. I do lots of other things too, at times. Writing (fiction), sewing, painting, sketching, and so on. But the creative hobbies take time while the craft ones can be done “in between”.

No, I do not mean that I spend more time sketching a picture than knitting a pullover. But I need to free my mind a lot more to paint, sketch or - especially - write. When I can not let my mind wander, I prefer to do crafts (knitting / sewing and so on) because they are creation with less mental involvement.

Welcome back to knitting and fire up those questions. Keep them coming!

Knitting is my creative outlet, too. I did take a ceramics class with my DH this summer and that was fun. I’m not good at having too many hobbies because then none of them gets my full attention and I actually feel like I’m learning less. One or two is fine for me.

Also…On some level having complete control sounds good, but… think of all the things you’d miss…the little surprises that might not happen - finding a box of yarn on your porch or your daughter sends a little gift that you weren’t expecting, etc. We need those things to feel whole. :thumbsup: