Back of sweater vest neck shaping

Hi need help!!

I am currently making a fairisle sweater vest whilst kind of making my own pattern (its worked to far).
I have got to the stage where i need to do the back of the neck shaping (don’t know how to describe) -back neck shaping?

and i’ve done it with a pattern before and get the gist of separating the knitting onto two parts but if anyone has a general pattern i can adapt my vest to it would be a great help.


You could try an advanced search on Ravelry for the a vest in the yarn weight and gauge that you’re using. Look for a free pattern to see if you can find what you want.
There are also books like Ann Budd’s that help with pattern design and templates.
And also sites like this one:

and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentage system, which is well worth looking at.

thanks very much!