Back of Loop st

Amy, Im new to knitting (1 month) & cannot tell you how valuable your videos have been to me! If I had know about your site, I wouldnt have purchased a DVD to get me started!

Anyway, I am planning on starting a loop st bath rug to replace the similar poorly-made one I bought at LNT. Your video on loop st is VERY clear, but I need to know what happens when you turn your work…if it is to end up flat on the back, then the stitch must be different, or at least, it looks like the loops have to be wrapped differently…

I defer to your wisdom and generosity! :smiley:

Welcome Kelly!

Oh, I didn’t mention this in the video, did I? Oops! You just do the loop stitch on the RS, and purl the WS. So, alternate one row of loop st. and one row of purl.

Good question!
:slight_smile: Amy

You are MOST awesome…thanks!