Back home from Vacation

I’m Home. Been gone for about 2 weeks.

My family of 4. DH who starts planing our trip in Jan. (He is like Clark Griswold, if you watch the movie)
Me-- who sets and knit as much as I could, without making my arm tried. got my sock done.:blooby:
DS- who is 17 and out of high school. Thank goodness does not mind to drive for about 2 hours every day.

DD 14 and very boy crazy :help:, who ask me to show her how to knit one day. :happydance: Got the idea of how to knit, but then starting doing her own thing. Would MAKE-UP her own stitch. she then would show me her NEW stitch. I would then say “oh that is a YO” or a K tog… etc. She was very disappointed and stop knitting:rollseyes:

We went to Chicago for 3 days. We saw 4 Museum: Science and Industry, Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and The Art Institute. Plus we saw the Blue Man.

Wisconsin. We went to Door County. I got me a glass pendent. Nice area, went shopping. Ate breakfast at "Al Johnson Swedish Restaurant with grass on the roof with goats. :teehee:

Minnesota: Drove around Duluth up to 2 Harbor. In between those to city’s, I can across a LYS :woohoo:
""“PLaying with Yarn”" -in Knife River__"Pull over!!! I spent about 15 minutes there. Could of stay longer… but THEY would not let me. I did walk out of there with MY FIRST MMMalabrigo yarn, I got 4 skein, of "solid Gold"
Now the fun part. What to make with it??? I am thinking of a Shrug?

We finish the trip with 3 day of Mall of American. My DD had a blasted. We rode on some of the rides. I got WET on the log ride. My kids thought that was very funny.

Now I am home. Getting my DS ready for summer college. :gah::passedout:

Ooh, that yarn is gorgeous! Isn’t yarn shopping on vacation fun?

Great yarn! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!