Back from the almost-dead, literally

I had a heart attack! after New Year’s, after having the entire family here for turkey dinner. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten such a big helping of stuffing, with gravy!

so…thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I was whisked away by ambulance to surgery, had a 4.5 hour open heart surgery, where they sawed through my breastbone, took a vein out of my leg, and re-routed 3 blocked arteries.

Amazing! I should be dead now, at age 65.5…but oh so glad to be alive. Luckily, my heart wasn’t damaged at all, and if I’m a good girl, follow a stricter diet (no more white breand 'n butter sandwiches); walk 30 to 60 mins per day, I should live a long while yet.

So glad to be back from the almost-dead.

That’s too scary. I’m so glad you are here! Take care of yourself.

Glad to see you back! Very happy that you’re here TO be back!

Wow! So glad to have you here Woodi! :hug:

ETA- and yes, it is scary! I was 57 and when they announced after the EKG ‘acute MRI’ I told them “I’m too young” which we all know is not true, but it felt it at the time. Mine turned out to be something rare called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. All heart issues are terrifying.

I hope you’re starting to feel better now!

So glad that you are here, back, and doing better!

Had I been about 30 years older, I would have thought I was having a heart attack just a couple days after you! After two trips to the ER, I found out it was only costochondritis. (Not really an “only” when you are the one with it, but an “only” next to a heart attack.:wink: )

But, regardless of what the problem is, when your heart starts doing funny things, it super scary!

I’ll be thinking of you, and take it easy!

Yikes! Well fortunately knitting doesn’t put too much stress on your heart (maybe your [I]head[/I]… but that’s another story).

Glad you made the comeback, and take care of yourself!

So glad you’re still with us! And what a frightening experience! You’re certainly packing in all the excitement at the beginning of the year. No need to spread it out, right?

I hope you’re feeling better after your surgery. And, yes, by all means, please take care of yourself!

Glad you’re still here! Take care of yourself!

75% of Americans are either overweight, obese or morbidly obese. There is a simple solution, it just takes will power.

My wonderful partner lost 40 kgs (88.2 pounds) over the last year, this is what he did:

Stopped eating the following:


Increased eating vegetables and fresh meat/fish.

He also exercises regularly.

This all takes will power - and most of us simply don’t have it.

No more sushi? Fuhgeddabouddit! I’ll take my chances.

But seriously, 40kgs is about half my body weight, so that’s quite a feat. :yay:

Sushi…ick…I’ll leave the bait to the fishermen. :teehee:

Well… “sushi” actually refers to the type and preparation of the rice, not what comes along with it. There’s vegetarian sushi for the squeamish, and even the items that involve fish/shellfish aren’t necessarily raw (spider roll for example).

But I’m perfectly content to just plop a chuck of bluefin tuna on a ball of sushi rice ,a little ginger, soy and wasabi and… ahh… :happydance:

Sashimi is raw fish; sushi is/are rice rolls and doesn’t have to have any fish in it at all ord you can even make it with canned tuna.

I do t know the difference so I usually just avoid it. I like my salmon on the grill. :wink:

Mmmmm… grilled salmon… mmmm.

Woodi, so glad you’re back and doing well. Wonderful to hear from you and all the best as you recover. Isn’t walking great?

And did someone say salmon?

Make mine tuna, thanks. I like salmon just fine, but Mmmm… I love me some tuna.

Gee, I hadn’t checked back here in days (or weeks?) and am so happy to see so many people responded. Thanks everyone! I have been feeling so very alone since friendly neighbours stopped coming by. It was curious to discover how many friendly people were concerned about my adventure. Many wanted to know “what does a heart attack feel like?”

and now the weather is keeping me housebound, except for short daily walks up and down the hilly roads. Nothing much to see out the windows but snow and some wildlife (we feed deer and birds, just to watch them). Here is one particular cutie who stares into the house windows, hoping we’ll come out with seeds.

and these two are curiously following my DH as he walks out with some buckets of feed.

I’m glad that I have knitting…but seem to be unable to actually make any headway with it lately…my brain seems fuzzy, maybe due to all the drugs.
I do believe that the anaesthetic has finally left my body, as that dull, horrid : “I should be dead” thought is now gone…{shiver}.

I hear ya all about losing weight, and have been eating very sparsely for 3 weeks now. Getting real tired of stir fry though. I have a pork tenderloin waiting to be cooked for today’s meals, and lots of veggies, and quinoa.

I sure miss salt though.

Woodi! What do you mean nothing much to look at!? I’ve seen your pics before and I’d love it if I had that to look at. It looks so peaceful. Those deer are adorable how they watch and wait. :thumbsup:

Your pictures are beautiful!
Yes, not the easiest time of year to get out and around. The daily walks are a wonderful idea. It just takes time to feel completely right after all you’ve gone through. Sometimes you don’t realize it until you can look back and get a measure of how much time it took. Glad you’re doing so well. Good thoughts and best wishes from all your friends here.