Back from my trip

I had a blast on my houseboat/kayaking trip. I even met 2 knitters. There were 9 of us plus 2 parks dept employees and it was fabulous. We had incredible weather for the end of Sept/ 1st of Oct. We were able to swim everyday. I learned how to properly get into a kayak and how to paddle correctly. We hiked up 2 bluffs to caves. We cruised in the houseboat up the lake a ways. They fed us and fed us and fed us. We sat in the hot tub after swimming. We sat around a campfire on shore and looked at the stars and ate ice cream with fresh necterines. I knit and so thoroughly enjoyed myself that I hated to come home.

It looks like a beautiful and fun trip! Thanks for sharing the pics :slight_smile:

Wow, it sounds like you had a ton of fun! Those pictures are beautiful!

I am thoroughly jealous…lol…What an awesome experience!

Where did you get hooked up for this trip? Look at that boat. I would love something like that; campfire and the stars. I’m glad you posted the pictures.

How cool is that! Thanks for sharing!

I am signed up through the city of Spokane’s parks and recreation dept. I get their weekly emails of activities coming up. I saw this trip last year, but we couldn’t swing it, so we signed up this past spring and waited anxiously for Sept.
Spokane’s parks dept is reported to have the most extensive activities program of any city in the US.
It cost us each $389 for 3 days and 2 nights. The parks dept supplied the kayaks, flotation devices and all meals. There is a company at a marina on the lake that rents the houseboats.
It was a big thrill to also meet knitters. I don’t know anyone near me who knits, so it was fun to talk knitting while ignoring all the jokes from the rest of the group. We all did have a chance to do a little knitting between other activities.