Back buttoned sweater help

Hey all!

Currently trying to finish a sweater that buttons in the back for my son’s first birthday. It’s a beautiful cable knit that I purchased the English translation for. You can see an example or purchase here

I will attach the line of the pattern I am needing help with below. It’s the area where you will be attaching the sleeves (the sweater is knit from the bottom up) and on the main piece I bound off 2 stitches on either side of the marker separating the left back piece, front piece, and right back piece. I also bound off two stitches on either side of the sleeves where the starting point was before setting aside. The point comes to attach and I’m feeling so incredibly lost. We have a beautiful shop in town where the sweet ladies will sit and help me, but if there is any way I could grasp it from home that would save me about 4 hours of time and with only 6 hours of childcare between now and the party I could use all of the moments I have :wink: Thank you for any help!

Pattern section:

"On RS, join body and sleeves by working the pieces onto the same circular needles in the following order: left back piece, sleeve, front piece, sleeve, right back piece. Work 1WS row. Continue in reversed stockinette stitch…"

If the stitches from the body pieces aren’t on your needles now, put them on (left back, front, right back) and attach the working yarn so that you can start knitting at the opening edge for the left back with the RS facing. Knit across the left back and then knit across the live stitches of one of the sleeves. You may have to put this onto a needle first or you may be able to knit this right off the stitch holder.
Continue by knitting across the front and then the second sleeve sts and finally the right back sts. Now everything should be on one needle with the working yarn coming off the right back edge, ready to knit the WS row.

This video may or may not be helpful. The sleeve is on dpns and only one half of the sweater is shown.

Thank you!!! Makes total sense and I was able to get it in my first try :slight_smile: so appreciative! One last question for you.

I do short rows next that pass over one of my cables. I do a cable every 8th row so should I be counting for each cable seperately during this time?

I’ve done a pattern with cables and short rows. In that case, the cable pattern continued every 4rows, counting the knit short rows as a row for that cable column.
If the short rows skipped a row or more of a cable column, only the worked rows were counted. So if three rows were worked and then rows were skipped because of the short row turn, the cable twist came on the next full row (row 4 for that column).

Gotcha! Okay my mind assumed that but it seemed like the pattern might mention it. I’m also new to cables so happy to have a lesson learned! Thanks as always.