Back boobies?

I’m knitting the Dansez Pullover from Amy Herzog’s book, Knit to Flatter. The sweaters in this book are all knit in pieces and then sewn together. This would be my first adult sweater and the first sweater I’ve knitted in pieces.

The instructions for knitting the back of the sweaters include a section on “bust shaping.” Can anybody explain why the bust shaping instructions would be in the Back section instead of in the Front section?

I don’t have this book but since it’s all about shaping, my guess is that there’s some short rows on the back for the structure and perhaps to lift the back neck. I assume it’s rather minimal compared to the front shaping or darts?

I do need to add darts, about 7, if I followed the instructions for how to create vertical darts in the book. I was expecting to see some mention of where to begin darts in the Front Shaping directions but all it provides is instructions for creating the lace pattern, increase or decrease (is this where I add the darts?), and shaping armholes and neck. Pattern instructions for the back provide instructions for shaping the waist, shaping the bust and shaping the armholes and neck. I am definitely missing something here.

Has anyone knitted any sweaters from this book?

See if the pattern notes on darts are of any help:
There are also forum posts (see tab at top of Rav page). You can always send a message to Amy Herzog too, on her Ravelry page or her website.
I don’t have this book but others may be able to help.