Back Again with Snowboarder hat


Hi and I am back again with the Marly Bird Snowboarder Hat…I am using Red Heart Grande yarn as called for and 9mm circ needles.16 inch…able to get all stitches on needle…but IMPOSSIBLE to star in the round due to twisting of stitches…I put stitches on straight neele and did one round but would like to switch them to circular but not working…sooo frustrated…this hat is a simple knit if one could get the cast on done and start in the round successfully…once again any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


What I personally do, which tends to work for me, is firstly I cast on one extra stitch. I then start at one end of the circular needle and then slowly move my way along the needle feeding the stitches slowly along the needle, checking they’re facing the same direction. I then hold the ends together with the working yarn off my right hand needle. I then slip the last cast on stitch to the left hand needle purlwise and pass the first cast on stitch over it and onto the right hand needle, crossing them over


When knitting in the round, I myself choose not to do anything special to connect in the round, but just start knitting. Any jog or loose spot right at the join can be tidied up later with the yarn tail. That works just fine for me at least for most of what I knit.

It’s definitely best to try to start with the cast on not twisted, but it isn’t essential. At the end of the first round, if you discover that the cast on got twisted, you can easily untwist it right there before working the first st of the second round. There is nothing but the single running thread connecting the stitches at that point, so you just spin the stitches around until they are lined up. (It will twist or untwist the plies of the yarn a little right at that spot, but that one little manipulation isn’t enough to make any real difference in the end result.)

(Personally, I wish more patterns/instructions emphasized the easy fix rather than the usual cryptically dire sounding admonition to ensure the cast on isn’t twisted. No wonder people think knitting in the round is “hard”! :roll_eyes: … end of rant)

Good luck! Any new thing can be weird at first but I’m sure you’ll get. Circular knitting is really fun.