Back after awhile with a new cowl

Hello everybody. I took a break from knitting for a couple of years but I came back this spring with a cowl. I didn’t finish it till it was almost spring but we got SEVERAL cold snaps so I got a lot of good use out of it.

I hope this attachment works - I’m on my iPad. [B]OK it didn’t. I’ll have to post from my computer.[/B]

I got the yarn and pattern from Flying Fingers in Tarrytown , NY. The pattern is Dillons Cozy and the yarn is Berrocco Peruvia Quick in two colors: burgundy and grey. It’s wonderfully warm and not too scratchy.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with it except the stockinette curls a bit. I should probably block it.

Well I have another project I want to start - socks and I’ve already got questions. I’ll post them in the other forum.

OK here are the pics hopefully. Nope, I’m getting a user error that I don’t have permission to post. That’s strange.

Glad you’re back knitting and are here, hope you can get your pics to post soon, I’d love to see.

Thanks GrumpyGranmma. There are pics on my Ravelry account

but I’m getting a user error when I try to post here.

Check the link in my sig for pic posting info.

OK here goes.

And another showing the stranded stitch pattern.

Ewwww-la-la! That is gorgeous–curling or no curling.

You certainly came back with a bang!

Thanks for persevering and showing us your gorgeous cowl!


Very nicely done and a beautiful color combination. Your cowl certainly would make the spring cold snap more than bearable. Thanks for the photos.

Thanks everybody. It was the first time that I tried stranded knitting and the first time I tried English (I knit Continental on the left and English on the right) I was surprised how easy it was! I think I’m going to do more stranded knitting in the future.

I love your colors. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ve been playing with two handed stranded work but haven’t yet really started anything. I’ve got to get to it.

The reason it would up load from your iPad is that the size of the photo’s too big. Painful, yes. I end up using some sort of editing software and “resize” the iPad pics.

Very nice work! I like it a lot. Resembles the linen stitch, which is very classy! Welcome back! :heart:

Sorry I didn’t see these replies earlier. Thanks so much!

Coming here has inspired me to start another one in another color combination.

I only have the yarn to show for it now but later I hope to post pics.