Baby's first pic and baby's first blanket

I also posted this in the Christmas KAL

I knitted this as a christmas gift for my best friend Ruth. it was knitted with Caron Simply soft in sage. using Cloverbamboo size 4 needles. the pattern is the baby layette from Vogue knitting. Alexander Nicholas was born December 20 and is 8lb 8 oz.

She used the blanket in his first pictures. I am sooo touched that she did that. here is the blanket and the beautiful baby.

I have other pics of the blanket it i just have to upload them. i’m having issues with the usb. so i just have this picture of the blanket. but that’s ok cuz Alex is soo cute.

Beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby!

Awww! What a sweet pea and what a gorgeous blanket!

Cute baby and a beautiful knitted blanket!:cheering:

[B]What a CUTE little guy. [/B]
[B]Nice job on the blanky too![/B][/CENTER]

Nice blanket and the baby boy is a sweetie. He surely looks like a boy.

Oh how adorable. Well, bless him! What a wonderful Christmas gift he is. You did a wonderful job making his blanket and Mom and Dad did a wonderful job making him! Congrats to all!

What a beautiful boy and that blanket is stunning :slight_smile:

Aaaw, what a handsome little guy!! And you did an amazing job on the blanket-size 4 needles!? It must have taken awhile!!

What a cute baby and a beautiful blanket.

BEAUTYFUL !, BOTH !.:stuck_out_tongue:

aww he is a cutie!! The blanket is very pretty… I love the color you used :happydance:

Gorgeous! The blanket looks great, too!

What a handsome little guy and the blanket is gorgeous!

thanks so much. it took about 3 1/2 weeks to complete the blanket, working on it every night when i came home from work.

What a cutie! The blanket is wonderful. My DIL had my grandson’s first pictures with the blanket I knit also and I was very touched and flattered!

isn’t that the best when you get to see what you made/gave in use!? Very sweet!

it is great to see my gifts used and appreciated. His older sister is the person who appreciates my knitting the most. I made her baby blanket and she still loves it. and she is 4 now. She forbade me from embroidering his name on it like i did on hers. So hers can be more special. LOL

WOW you did a great job. Maybe one day I’ll be able to make things like that.

Both the baby and the blanket are beautiful. :slight_smile: