Baby's First Knitted Lace! Aww!

If you recall, I posted a thread asking about what “Multiple of 6 + 1” means. This is the lace that that pattern was for! Isn’t it pretty? It’s from the 450 Knitting Stitches book, called “Little Arrowhead Lace”. It’s surprisingly easy, and fun to do! I’m gonna be a lean, mean lace knitting machine! :wink:


I love making lace! Congratulations!

That IS pretty! Good job. I haven’t tried lace, I’m a lace coward. Oh, and thanks for the resouce, I’ll look into it.

Thank you!

Nikki, it’s actually very easy! The pattern here is made up entirely of knit stitches, slipped stitches, yarn-overs, and k2togs, and every other row is purled. :slight_smile: