Baby's first cashmere by melissa

Is there anyone out there who has made this baby sweater? I feel seriously stupid, because I don’t understand the directions, all I’ve done is cast-on 66 sts. HELP!!!

Kay in Colorado

Even when someone hasn’t made the item, posting a couple rows or so of what you don’t understand (not the whole pattern please) will let others take a look at it and help you out. And please let us know what about it you don’t understand.

After much trial and error, I finally figured out what the pattern is calling for. Very poorly written pattern. BTW, it’s called Baby’s First Cashmere by Melissa.

Perhaps the better comment should be - I’m looking for knitters who have made this particular pattern it’s called “Baby’s First Cashmere” by Melissa Matthey. Maybe if I find someone who has made it then I can get into the specifics of what I need.

And I’m saying that many of us here don’t need to have knit the exact same pattern to be able to read the instructions and help you out with it. Just don’t post the entire pattern, describe what you’ve done up to this point and what the pattern is saying you should do next.

I see that you did get the answer to your question on Ravelry; since there’s more people on that site there are bound to be some of them who’ve knit the same pattern. But my statement above, still stand - even when people haven’t knit a pattern they can look at what it’s saying and help you out with it.