Knitting baby hat sayx k4 cast off 4 how do i do tbis

What pattern are you following? Just the name or a link is fine.

A woman’s weekly pattern for baby hat and cardigan, it’s a top down knit

Hush little baby is title of pattern

Can’t seem to find the pattern online. Can you give us an exact quote of the row and any stitch counts if they’re available?
Ordinarily you would k4, then k2 more and begin lifting the first stitch of the two over the last stitch and off the needle. Keep knitting one more stitch onto the right needle and lifting a stitch over until you had lifted 4 sts over and off the right needle.


I interpreted it like you explain but end up with 4 more stitches. The row
says k4 cast off 4, (1st. on right needle) (k4 cast off 4) 18 times to last
3 sts, k3. I begin with 174 sts for size I am knitting.

Many thanks for your reply.


How many sts are you supposed to end up with for your size?
Is there a photo of the hat that you could upload? Not the whole pattern due to copyright problems, just a photo of the hat would help.

98 stitches. Pic attached.

OK, that works out.
Knit 4sts. In order to cast off the next 4sts, you’ll have to knit 5sts. There’ll be 4sts on the right needle, a gap where sts were bound off and then one stitch (as pattern notes).

Now knit 4sts, then cast off the next 4sts. Now your right needle will have the first 4sts, gap 1, 5sts, gap 2 and a single stitch (left over from the cast off). Keep repeating the cast off to the last 3sts. Once you’ve knit those 3 you’ll have 4 knit sts at the very end (because of the one stitch left from the cast off).
4sts + (18 x 5) + 4 = 98

The hat is adorable.


Thank you very much for those instructions. Looking forward to completing