BabyDrops 14-28

Has anyone done this pattern?
I’m trying to make it for my son, who’s one and I’m using a US4 3.5mm circ needle and 2 rolls of Lionbrand fishermans wool. The gauge swatch came out about 2.5" smaller than it should be, but I suppose that’s okay, I can just make him a bigger size.

Joining the CO was difficult for me and I messed up the first try so not I’m working on it again. Are there any tips to joining so that I don’t twist it again. I can’t find anything on it online so I’d appreciate any help or advice on it.

I’ve been knitting for about 4 years but I’m not that good at all, I’m better at crocheting…

I’d add the link to it, but I don’t have enough posts yet :frowning:

It would be better to use a larger needle because the yarn is a worsted and you’d normally use a size 7 or 8 with that yarn. That may get your swatch larger - if you were aiming for a 4" one and it’s 1½" instead, that’s way way way too small. Even if you make a bigger size, the item will be too stiff and densely knit. Using a larger needle, CO about 6 sts more than the gauge says for 4" and then don’t include the edge stitches when you measure it.

I found this link to the pattern, it even says to use a size 7. Cute hat!

The circ needles I have are the US4, US10 and another larger one that I can’t find. I’ve been trying to knit loose so that it’s not so stiff, which was helping. I don’t know why I put 2.5" smaller of a gauge swatch, it’s only .5" smaller… I wish I could get a whole assortment of needles in different sizes but I can only work with what I have now…

I do the same thing that Shandeh does on this video. Make sure the cast on edge in pointed toward the center of the circle all the way around the circular needle. That helps avoid the dread mobius twist.

Check some thrift stores in your area, they have yarn and sometimes needles. If you have a Joanns or Hobby Lobby, there are coupons you can get online for 40% off items that aren’t on sale. Probably Michaels or AC Moore, too. An inexpensive circular needle might only run about $6-7 and less with a coupon or sale. Even WalMart has circulars for about that.

So that’s not too much smaller, but you’ll find it’s very difficult to try and knit looser for more than a few stitches, or a row at best.

As for joining, you can do the first couple rows flat, then join, but to join from the cast on, spread the sts out as much as you can and look at them to make sure they’re all hanging the same way and not twisted on the needle. Then join to knit the first round and check them again because they can twist on the first round but can still be straightened out before you start the next one. They’re only connected by a single strand and you can put the twist into it.

Would reversing the P’s and K’s make a difference in the pattern? I’m not a big fan of purling, but if it makes a big difference I won’t change it.

The purl sts make the rib, but you can try it in all stockinette instead, I often do that to pattern, but it will look somewhat different. It’s just that you need a little bit larger gauge, though knitting a bigger size can work too.

Reversing the knits and purls will change the look of the collar but it should be fine after blocking it. If you go to stockinette you may run into problems with the edge curling. Perhaps 4-6 rows of garter stitch on the edge would solve that.

I did the collar (?), with the 8 rounds of garter stitch, flat and just joined for the ribbing. I went K7,P2 instead of P7,K2. When I’m finished with it and sew together the garter stitches, it won’t be any different than the original pattern, will it?

Size won’t be significantly different, just the look of the ribbing pattern and that sounds perfectly fine to me. You can look at either side and choose the one you like best for the outside.

In the pattern when it says:
“Continue in rib as follows: P7, K2, repeat from -.
When piece measures 3-4-4 (5-5) cm / 1”-1½"-1½" (2"-2")dec all purled sections to P6 by purling tog the first 2 purled sts = 128-136-144 (160-176) sts on round.

[COLOR=“Red”][B](Is that 2" with the collar or 2" of ribbing?)[/B][/COLOR]

It talks about [I]the piece[/I] which would be all that you’ve knit so far, so it’s from the cast on.

I’m not too clear on this part of the pattern:

Read all of the following section before knitting it!
Work in stockinette sts back and forth on needle, at the same time dec 1 st each side on every other row a total of 2-2-2 (3-4) times.
AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 st on both sides of marker mid back on every other row a total of 4-4-4 (5-5) times.
After all inc and dec are complete there are 58-62-64 (72-76) sts on row.
When piece measures 11-12-13 (14-15) cm / 4 3/8’’-4¾’’-5 1/8’’ (5½’’-6’’) inc 1 st each side towards mid front on every other row 4-4-4 (5-5) times.

At the same time I dec at each side, I inc in the middle for every row? Or, dec at each side, inc in the middle for one row, then stockinette the next row? Or, dec at each side every other row, then inc the middle every other row without dec?..I’m so confused here.

You want to dec at the edge, inc either side of the marker at the center in the same row, purl a row, dec at the edge, inc either side of the marker at the center, and then purl a row. That would be 2 times and that would be the directions for the first 3 sizes. Repeat the dec/inc row as needed if you’re making the larger sizes.

I’m confused, again, I’m sorry… I may have taught myself to knit 4 years ago but I haven’t knit more than a week, if that, over the past 4 years…and I don’t have anyone here that can help me out :frowning:

Anywho, what I have measures 12cm (4 3/4"), I’m making size 6/9. After the 4 increases, I’m not understanding the next set of instructions: Now cast on 6 new sts towards mid front over the opening = 76 sts. Continue in the round on circular needles. I’m not sure how or what that means? Is that work the increases, then CO new sts all on the part I’ve been working on which would be the back, then work that in the round? Does that mean I join somewhere? I really appreciate the help I’ve gotten! Thank you!

When piece measures 11-12-13 (14-15) cm / 4 3/8’’-4¾’’-5 1/8’’ (5½’’-6’’) inc 1 st each side towards mid front on every other row 4-4-4 (5-5) times.
Now cast on 6-6-8 (8-12) new sts towards mid front over the opening = 72-76-80 (90-98) sts. Continue in the round on circular needle.
When piece measures 19-21-22 (24-26) cm / 7½"-8 1/4"-8 3/4" (9½"-10 1/4") from marker bind off all sts loosely.

Work the increases at either side of the front 4 times and on the next knit row, cast on 6sts. So you’ll have your sts (70sts at this point) on the left needle and you can use a knit cast on to add 6sts. Now knit those 6sts and continue on around to the other edge and then join to work in the round again.
You were working in the round on the lower part of the hood and put 10sts on a holder for the face opening. Now you’ll be back working in the round and casting on 6sts over the upper part of the face opening.

Love to see a picture of the finished hood!
Even if you tie the pom-oms really tightly, busy fingers can figure out a way to pull at the strands. Adorable as they are, I’d take the pom-poms off. The hood is cute enough without them or you could replace them with a short braid or bow. You have enough other things to watch.

I made and attached the 2 pom-pom’s and my son likes to pull out the strands of yarn, is there a way to make them more secure or is that something I’m just going to have to look out for?

I have most of it finished now, after redoing the face opening, I think it’s still to small for his face but it doesn’t look too bad. I hope I’ll be done with it before bed :slight_smile:

I bet it would still look really cute even without the pom poms.

Congrats on being so close to the end. I hope it fits!

I agree. Somehow little ifngers manage to get into things like pom-poms, braids or bows.
When you have a chance, it would be great to see a photo!