Baby Uggs

Okay. So.

I’m down for knitting a pair of the baby uggs i’ve been seeing everywhere,

but I’m about to place an order with Lionbrand yarn &&was wondering if anybody made them with a yarn other than the Berroco Suede, &&if there were positive results

or if I should just suck it up
&&get the real deal

I’ve never made them, but I checked Ravelry and it looks like most people used the Berroco. I did see several used Lion Brand suede with success. I also saw some in Patons Merino and Plymouth Yarn that were really cute. Hope that helps a bit.


i bought it

because i couldn’t wait XD

IMO the Lion Suede is too bulky a yarn to use for these. I tried and they were huge. If you don’t want to use the Berroco you could find any yarn with the same gauge and use that. I looked on Ravelry and here’s some similar yarns that were used and look really nice.

Louisa Harding Fauve
GGH Velour
Needful Yarns Aton

I also saw some knitted in standard yarns like Patons Classic Merino, Vanna’s Choice and Caron Simply Soft and they looked fine.