Baby Uggs!

You’ve all probably seen these before, but they’re so adorable that I had to share. These are from the pattern on DIY from Knitty Gritty.

Oh my gosh, those are just precious! I love the color you chose. What is the yarn, please?

They are just darling - I love them! You really did a great job.

I used the suggested yarn from the pattern - Berroco suede and plush.

Coincidentally I just finished a pair for my granddaughter. But now I am wondering how they are going to stay on - do yours seems kind of loose too? I also used the suede and plush recommended in the pattern.

They do seem quite loose. I think I’m going to knit a lining out of the plush yarn and sew it in – that should make them warmer and help them to stay on so they’ll actually be functional instead of just adorable.


Those are just precious:muah:

I have always loved that pattern and think it is adorable. You did a spot on job with them.

They look adorable PugMom! I’ve had them in my list to make for my niece. I’m planning to start it sometime soon. I also planned to make a lining out of the plush so they’ll be nice and toasty.
Did you have plenty of yarn left over to make a second pair? I’m curious because if I do, I plan to make them for a co-worker.

Too cute! :heart:

There is definitely enough yarn left to make a second pair. I haven’t done the linings yet, but you use so little of the plush on the booties, that I’m almost positive that there will be plenty to make linings for 2 pairs.

Awwwww, they’re so adorable!! I’ve never been a big fan of Uggs on people, but this baby version is too cute for words. Great job on them :woot:

Really adorable! I have always thought little Uggs were cute, but had almost forgotten about them. Thanks for showing these and reminding me. :wink:

The kicking off question is a real one. How are you ladies thinking of making the lining part so they will stay on? Like another bootie? Will it be sewn to this one? Some other way? :?? It sounds like a good idea. When you make something for someone you want them to work and not just be decorations. :pray:

i just printed out this pattern (along with the hat) and put it on my to-do list, and i don’t even have any babies in my life to knit for! they’re just too adorable…you did a fantastic job!

Very fun! I loved that pattern. I made those last year and sooo fun!! I’ve also made a pair in pink and blue. LOVE IT!

i love these and am getting ready to make a pair for my niece’s new baby. Question though…when it says:

K1, yf, K11…

is the yf the same as a yo?

Yes, the yf is the same yas yo. And here is a hint: keep close track of your rows. I didn’t, and wound up frogging one entire bootie because it was so misshapen. It is a fun pattern to knit!

PugMom, have you tried the matching cap? I cast on with the same yarn and needles as the booties, but the cap is so HUGE that it would fit my husband. So I temporarily abandoned the project, but it is still calling my name . . .

I was planning on trying the hat this weekend, but I prefer to knit in the round, so I think I’ll end up just working it in the round – thanks for the tip, because I probably will need to look into what this hat should measure before I get into it – definitely would prefer it to fit a baby!!