Baby Tart Hat

Lets say i want to make this
I want to make this hat with
what size needle would you use???


Well, Tahki Cotton classic is a worsted weight yarn (recommended needle size 5-6) and the Bernat is chunky (recommended needle size 10) So you’d have to do some converting to even use that pattern, or it would turn out gi-normous. I think. :?? You might be able to match the gauge with a smaller needle, but the drape will be off.

(Blind leading the blind here, lol)

I found red heart super saver i have …what about the guage for it . I tcalls for size 8 …you think i could use 7 db points and just do it tight?? I have size 1,2,3,7 db points. That pattern calls for size 5 db points.

Vanessa :happydance:

As long as you can match the gauge, you can use whatever. As long as you find small enough needles to knit about 4.5 stiches per inch

i am useing a size 6 thats as close as i could get and it looks ok…if anything it will be a 6-1 year and thats not bad.

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bbl i hope i do it write p1 yo p1 yo p1 all in same st . I attached the berry part wring lol oh well hee hee hee i think i have the little bubbles right though. I will post a picture if i figure out if i am doing it right lol.

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