Baby sweater2

I’m so glad I joined this forum. My husband and nonknitting best friend are not as excited about my projects! The book, Creature Comforts, is a real winner! About half of the sweaters are cardigans. I am not a real experienced knitter, but the directions are great!! :knitting:

That is very cute – I love the little sheep!

That is one dang adorable sweater.:thumbsup: Welcome to the forum.

Another adorable sweater. loved the fish one too.

That is just too cute. You did an awsome job.

I love it! The sheep are adorable :heart:

Baaaaaaaa! Cute. :thumbsup:

Cute. :slight_smile:

That is one BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd sweater (in a good kind of way):happydance:

:passedout: to cute!!

Nice job. I like your lambs.

Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on another adorable sweater!

Oh, that sweater is adorable. Love the little lambs!

That sweater is adorable! Good Job!

That is so cute!! I like the sheep. Nice color.

ARe these hard to do? I am a fairly new knitter, but would love these for my grandson. I work at a library and we have this book in our collection and I have been browsing! I am so bad at reading patterns, but would love to give this a try!

Holy moly that is a CUTE little sweater! :thumbsup:

How incredibly adorable that it. My grandson would look so cute in that.

awww how cute!!! good job!

too cute! you did an awesome job :thumbsup: