Baby sweater

I’m using Gloss dk in red and size 8 needles (my new Denise.)

It’s for my 7 week old dd. She is almost 13lbs and has an 18" chest, So I upsized the needles. My friend is enabling/helping me. My first sweater.

I’m on row 9…

Just keep at it you will be fine. We look forward to seeing your finished sweater as the pattern is really cute.

Baby sweaters are the best to start with. Size is flexible and you get to learn basic construction. Enjoy!

Cute sweater! The trim looks just perfect for a little girl. Are you going to post your WIP?

How adorable! This looks like lots of fun to knit. I can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

How lovely for you…knitting for your own little baby! cute sweater pattern!

That’s so cute!

How CUTE is that!!! Thanks for sharing the link, and I look forward to seeing your FO!

I’m on row 14…I spent the evening finishing my sock instead of the sweater. :teehee:

Finished a couple more rows. I’m mega fretting as I’m not sure doing it properly - I know I missed a YO on the collar. It’s the “bobble” bit I’m worried about. I assumed the “bar 1” here = M1 so I did M1 how I always do, lift with right needle, twist ( I think ) put on left needle, knit the back of the stitch. (I do it this way to avoid a hole.) The other inc is kfb which I do the usual way.

That is beautiful! Love the color!

Usually a bar increase is KFB, but she has other instructions which do sound like M1 although she doesn’t say to twist or ktbl. As long as you’re consistent it doesn’t matter really.

Finished the yoke (?) Sleeves on holders, Knitting the bottom - hope to finish it tomorrow or Monday.

About 1.5" of stockinette left, then I do the bottom border. Then the sleeves!


My first sweater, yay!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’s impressive and even more so with a wee babe and a rugrat!

So sweet! I agree–with two pulling at your time and attention, you finished that in record time. :thumbsup: And worked on a sock in there, too!

Yeah, I saw the FO sock and she’s well on her way with the second.

:yay: Just beautiful!!! :yay: