Baby Sweater

This sweater was mailed off to my niece today. My husband and I chose the pattern and the yarn selection before she was born, not knowing the sex at the time.
-I had meant to get most of this completed while on vacation last summer. My SiL was due at the end of August. I brought the yarn with me, but forgot the pattern. :pout: (I did get close to completing a second sock though…that’s getting done next).
-My first time knitting a sweater, intarsia and an attached i-cord. Also my first time seaming together knit objects.
-I had to knit the back three times before I got the guage right. It hurt, but I recovered and the final product made it all worth the pain.
-The i-cord trim still isn’t right. My first attempt left a very tiny peephole in the hood (I made it too tight). I loosened up on the second attempt and added in more stitches, but the face hole is still a little small. Also, the i-cord seems to be sitting on the inside of the hood and not looking like the nice trim like in the pattern picture. I didn’t know how to fix it anymore and I ran out of time.
-The size is for a 0-6 month old baby and my niece is 7 months old. I hope she can wear it at least once :pray:
The pattern is called Ruby and is from Bee’s Knees Knits.
The body is knit with [B]SandnesGarn sisu 4228[/B].
The accessories are knit with [B]Fortissima Colori Socka Color 9070[/B].

Enjoy! cloud9

That is so cute…I really like the colors! Sounds like you learned a lot while knitting it too…:hug:

oh that is too cute. and this is hoping that she is for once on the smaller size for babies so she can wear it for at least a month.

That is so cute!! Well done, beautiful colours…:cheering:
I love the combination of the plain and pattern.
Hopefully baby gets a fair bit of wearing out of it.
That’s a great learning exercise.

Ahh, that is just adorable! What kind of yarn is it?


That is just beautiful. What a lucky baby!

:happydance: it looks great…and I love the colors!

Wow, you did a great job on that!!

I agree with everyone - the colors are great. I really like that you went with bright colors instead of pastels. Babies deserve a variety of colors in their wardrobe!

It’s beautiful and the colours are lovely well done x

Very pretty, maybe they’ll have another little one soon.:wink:

It’s wonderful! I really like the yarn choice, puts self-striping yarn into a new dimension :inlove:

Nice choice of colors. They do work for a boy or a girl. It sounds like you had a real struggle with this piece, but it turned out very well. I can’t tell the size, but I hope it fits too. Babies come in all sizes, some may have outgrown 0-3 sizes before they are born, and outgrow small sizes before you know it. Others grow more slowly and start out small and could wear 0-6 months for a long time. I just picked out a little dress at Wal-Mart for my DGD who just turned 6 months. I got the 3-6 month size because the 6-9 looked like it would be huge on her. IOW sizes don’t mean much. We’ll just hope for the best.

I love it, that is a cute sweater.

That is absolutely adorable! The colors are great!

That is ADORABLE. I love the colors! Hopefully it came out a bit big and she can wear it more than once!

Oooooh WOW! What a gorgeous work of art! Oh my! I just LOVE it! I love red, and all the primary colors! Great work!!!

That is really adoreable. You did a great job.

It’s just darling! I love it!

Love the sweater! Nice work. Great colors too :yay: