Baby sweater

I’m due with number 3 the very early part of Dec. and want to make a newborn size sweater, but I don’t want the button down cardigan type, just the over the head reglan sweater. Does anyone know of a pattern out there? I also need it to fit a small newborn, my other two were 5# 13oz and 5# even. Thanks for any links or patterns.

here’s some scroll down

I didn’t see any raglan ones, but lots of ones you seam. :shrug:

[quote=momwolf;875781]here’s some scroll down …

I really like that one, the opal baby sweater, now I just need to hunt for cheap opal, b/c their colorways are sooooooo pretty.

There’s a great sweater pattern with raglan in the “Last Minute Gifts” book. I’ve made 2 for our expecting baby and it’s a great pattern. It’s also my very first sweater and I did it!

BTW, this book has many great ideas and it’s worth the investment.

I used 4 skeins of shine worsted from with a #8 needles. However, this will fix our baby for 6months to 1 year. I’m trying make a newborn sweater at this moment.


This one looks interesting. I haven’t tried it.

Oops, I just noticed it’s started with four separate pieces. Oh, well.

If I remember correctly, Knitting Pure and Simple has a top down raglan pullover.