Baby sweater

I love this sweater I made for my little niece. I think it turned out pretty good. There are a few mistakes, but my sister couldn’t even tell at least she didn’t say anything. This is the pattern I used

Now I would like to find a pattern like this in a bigger size for my other neice, so if anyone knows of a sweater knit in one piece for a 18 month old I would love to know.


I have that one bookmarked…it’s adorable! You did a great job on it! I don’t know about a bigger one, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. :wink:

Oh thats gorgeous! Now I just need someone to have a baby…

:smiley: Just beautiful :smiley:

Absolutely adorable! Now we just need a pic of it modelled! :wink: :thumbsup:

How beautiful!

wow…I book marked that one too…I love it; you did such a great job!

Very cute. You could probably get a bigger size with thicker yarn and bigger needles.

That is just beautiful!! :thumbsup:

How cute! I love the bunny buttons!