Baby sweater with simple cable?

My neighbor is 7 months pregnant and I’d like to make a sweater (6 mos size) for the baby. (We live in Texas, she has big babies…)

I’ve never done cables but am intrigued to try them and thought this would be a perfect project to try them on. Problem is, I can’t find a pattern with SIMPLE cables. I’ve found them with multiple braids of cables, but I want something I can actually DO successfully! Either cardigan or pullover is fine. Anyone have a link or a pattern? Oh-She’s expecting a boy!


:think: Well, here’s one I found.

Thanks, Jan. I was hoping for something cuter with a simpler cable, but I haven’t had luck finding anything.

I found some GREAT baby sweater patterns in Debbie Bliss’ book, “Baby Knits for Beginners”, but nothing with cables.

If I was confident with cables, I’d just add some to one of those patterns. I’m guessing that’s possible to do? I just wouldn’t know how!

Instructions or links anyone??

Hey, Jan–or anyone else,
Do you think I could do Thisone?
I’m not thrilled with it, but I can’t find anything else. I’d still rather add a cable to one of the Debbie Bliss patterns…

have you ever done cabling? it would be super simple to add one in the center front of a pullover. you won’t really need a pattern at all.

at least for the cable part, i mean.

I’ve never done cabling. That’s why I want to try! HOw do I alter a simple pullover to add a cable?

Oh I love that pattern! :inlove:

Cables pull the fabric “in” (think ribbing) so if you did several of them you might have to adjust the pattern a bit. However, adding a single cable would be easy and wouldn’t affect the pattern very much.

Just take any simple pattern (top down would be easiest of course) and do the neck stitches whatever they may be and then calculate where the center would be. An even number of stitches on the front would make it center better so add one if you need one right after the neck stitches. (or add a few more to make it even if you want a larger cable.)When you know where center is figure out how large you want the cable and then add to that a few stitches on either side done in purl stitches so the cable will stand out (it’s done in knit stitches).

There are always rows between the twisting and the number of rows between makes a very different looking cable. If you put fewer rows it makes it more of a twisting spiral, a lot of rows and you have a flat area between the twists.

I suggest you do a few swatches since you have time and test the yarn and cables to see what you like best.

Amy has a video I think and here’s another link that might help you get started. Cables are easy so have fun!

I haven’t done this btw, but it seems pretty straight forward…and now you have me want to try it.:teehee:

I made this one:

it turned out very cute and it’s not as terrible as it looks. Cables in general are not as bad as they seem

Jan, you’ve got me all excited to try this!! I’m scared b/c I’ve NEVER done cables before, but I figure if my 10-year old neice can do it, so can I!:roflhard:
And swatching will be good practice. What a novel idea!:roflhard::roflhard:

Actually, I always swatch, but hadn’t thought or practicing the cables during the swatch. Great plan. NOw to go back and find a simple top down sweater pattern!

You’re welcome! Depending on the yarn you use try putting a different amount of rows between the twists and experiment with holding the extra cable stitches in front and back to see what it does. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And just to note… you won’t want to put the first twist at the neck so knit x number of rows then start the cable.

It IS cute, but we live in Texas and I want something lighter. THanks, though!

Do you happen to have an easy top-down baby sweater pattern I could try this with?

I’m having trouble finding one for a baby. :??There are baby patterns, but free ones seem hard to come by for some reason. Here’s a few to check out anyway.

I love KPC patterns and there is a baby raglan here…#214

Thank you SO MUCH. I hadn’t found any of these in my search.
Do you think this would work in a cardigan (making one cable on each side) or should I try to find a pullover? The only thing I’m thinking with a pullover for 6-9 months is getting it over a baby’s head. What do you think?

i was thinking a cardigan would be easier to get baby INTO. no pulling it over the head, kwim?

So do you think a cable on each side of the front would work for a never-cabled-before knitter?

I found thisone on this site. I think it would work great in solid light blue for the body, and a darker blue for the CC. Cable down the middle. What do y’all think?

EDIT: Not sure this would be the best. IT’s done in pieces, not top down. I’d prefer top down…

And WHAT KIND OF CABLE??? I have a stitch calendar that has several. What am I most likely to be able to DO successfully?

That’s a cute one and for an infant something with buttons on the shoulder would be good. I’m not sure how a cardigan would work with cables down the front like that, but I’ve never tried it. :think:

top down basic baby cardigan

also check out other pattern links on this site.