Baby Sweater Sleeves - getting started

So far I’ve got the back and two front sides done on this. Special thanks to knittinghelp for the shaping on the front pieces. I’m at the Sleeves now and need some help. The pattern goes like so:

Sew shoulder seams. Place markers 4 (4, 4½, 5) in. [10 (10, 11.5, 12.5) cm down from shoulder on Front and Back. From RS, pick up and k 26 (26, 30, 32) sts between markers. Work in garter st (k every row) for 2 in. [5 cm].

  1. Should I block the front and side pieces before sewing the shoulder seams?

  2. Is there a particular way to sew shoulder seams together? (and a video or tutorial link for it? I don’t mind searching - just if I know there is one to search for).

  3. I don’t know how to “pick up stitches”.

As you can see this sweater is providing a lot of “firsts” for me! I really appreciate all your help :slight_smile:


Go to Videos at top of this page for Amy’s videos

If you prefer to sew/seam the shoulders (vs 3-ndl BO) there’s great pics and info here. Check out the ‘Horizontal Seams’ section.

As already mentioned, KH has a vid for picking up sts.


Thank you both. Should I block the pieces? I’ve never blocked anything :slight_smile: thanks for the help for my questions.

I wouldn’t block the pieces before picking up stitches, because the completed body pieces would be blocked and the sleeves wouldn’t be–might make a difference, but might not.

However, if it’s acrylic, or a mostly acrylic blend, then washing it following the label directions when you’re done will be fine.

If it is wool, then I’d wait to block it when you’re done.

Oh it is just some Bernat Softee Chunky. Thank you so much for the answers :slight_smile:

ETA: Oh, It’s finally dawning on my why I am having so much trouble understanding. My directions had told me to bind off the back and front sides… The videos show the three needle bindoff and kitchener without bind off… Did I do something wrong?

3-needle bind-off requires live stitches. Most patterns don’t call for it, and I really thing they should since it makes such a beautiful seam.

Since you’ve already bound off the stitches per the pattern, you do have the option of taking out the bind-off and do the 3-needle, or just seaming them.

You’re a doll. Thanks so much