Baby sweater sleeve help

Hi all!! I am knitting lion brand one piece baby pullover. Pattern #L0062. I have change it a little by making the bottom a k1 p1. I am coming up on the sleeves and wanted to know if there is a way I can put k1 p1 on them. Any input will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Because of the way it’s knit I think you might have to pick up stitches at the edge of the sleeve when you’re done and add the ribbing.

Are you wanting the entire sleeve in k1, p1? Are you using rib or seed stitch? If you are doing seed stitch you could decide at what point in the row you want to start it and just change to your stitch pattern. (I didn’t look at the pattern but the sleeves look like you cast on more stitches and continue knitting in rows.) You could do a knit as you go border on the last several stitches if you just wanted a cuff. For rib you’d have to do as Jan suggests I think. If you try one or the other or something else and don’t like it, it’s only yarn and you can take it out and redo it. Not real fun but it makes for a great learning opportunity.

That’s a sweet sweater.

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