Baby Sweater Set and a Shrug

Finally, a couple of FO’s! This cap & sweater set is knit in Elann’s Den-M-Knit and both are patterns from Debbie Bliss’ Beginner Knits for Babies book. Easy as pie and so cute for a little boy!

This shrug is in Tahki’s Cotton Classic and is a pattern from the Yarn Council of America’s site. A light weight summer knit that went pretty quickly.

Great job!

Very nice job! :thumbsup:

Very nice!

Oh that set is so precious.

Pretty shrug and the baby set is adorable!

:heart: the shrug! So classy. I’m going to go check for the pattern on that one!

Trying to find that pattern. Is it this?

Way to go :thumbsup: you did a great job!

That set is beautiful!
The most beautiful things are the easiest!

Thanks everyone! Just thought I’d share because all 3 patterns were so easy and turned out right exactly as written. That doesn’t always happen in MY knitting world :wink: .

want2knit, it’s the “open work shrug (knit)” found here:

Looking Good :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Thanks for the pattern link, silveridger–yep that’s what I thought it was. I couldn’t get the link to work in my post for some reason.

Those are great! I love the colors!